Anthropologist by title; jeweler by passion, intuition, ability and persistence. Her training at an art school, not in design, gives an independent style to her work. With an abstract language, every day concepts and a tireless research for materials and alternative techniques her work is refreshing. Each collection narrates a moment, a context, a history.

Born in Lovain, Belgum in 1971. Lives and works in Bogotá with her husband and two daughters.

Fair Trade

I truly believe fair trade is a living concept. Beyond material sourcing, I have always strived (since 1999) to give employees a sense of belonging and equal worth in their contribution to the end piece. And although a handful of trusted craftspeople using very few resources may not make a huge ethical impact, we have been practicing Fair Trade long before it became popular.

To me, it is more than a mission, it is an obligation. And although we’re not certified, it’s not enough to just say you embrace Fair Trade…you must live it. No certification is a substitute for being a conscientious citizen.