All connect pieces are hand folded in steel, slight differences naturally appear.


The Orinco River can be one of the least touched rivers of South America. Huge amounts of water flowing wildly over the stones, rough patches, thin and thick; just like life passing, never to be taken for granted.
This experience has touched my soul and inspired this collection.


possibility grows from a continuos observation of my garden. Each new sprout has endless possibilities. This meeting with infinity inspires me to look deep into the geometry of the organic world and the multiple expressions it has.

Create room for…

Colored, moving shapes contrast with golden pieces. This is an invitation to open our heart and mind to difference, to change. These shapes feel “uncomfortable”, They are making an effort to hold each other, to Create room for…

1 + 1 = 1

All these clustered pieces, invite us all to remember how empathy does not know how to add 1 + 1 = 1. Natural hand cut Colombian quartz, all good vibes. Egg shapes, the power to grow, to transform, to be a part of the whole.

river be(a)ds

This collection pays homage to our rivers and reflects upon the use of chemicals in metal mining in our forests.
The black stones are hand made in Tópaga, Boyacá by former coal miners. This group was gathered 20 years ago as part of my thesis project, 
to graduate as an Anthropologyst.